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Pianoculture-Chord Formulars and Symbols

19 May 2017

There are formulars associated to chords,once the formulars are got,knowing the chords would be nothing. take time to understand these formulars. Major: 1 3 5 e.g C Minor: 1 b3 5 e.g Cm Diminished: 1 b3 b5 e.g Cdim Augmented: 1 3 #5 e.g Caug or C+ Major 7th: 1 3 5 7 e.g Cmaj7 [...]

How To Become A Gospel Artiste

15 May 2017

that's for sure when u have the inact talent in you,pay close attentions to the following to improve ur talent for singing 1.Be in right walk with God 2.Be a prayerful and spiritual singer 3.go to shows either to watch performances or partake in singing 4.have a quiet time to get inspirations to write songs 5.Associate with musically inclined persons. the sky would be your starting point.